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At Compass Group Canada, we committed to listening, learning and acting when it comes to racial inequality within Canada. We are using our just now wellness site as a way to share content and further a collective understanding of racial justice.  

The full statement from our CEO, Saajid Khan can be found in the Listen section of this page.


Our CEO, Saajid Khan, shared this diversity message with Compass Group Canada associates in June 2020.

Are you a Compass Associate who has a Diversity idea or suggestion? We'd love to hear it! Click the button above to send in a message to our Diversity & Inclusion team.



In this video, various experts discuss anti-Black racism and allyship, as well as the importance of allyship and how to be an ally.

Children and Parents

Source: The Children's Community School

Source: Indigo on Instagram

Bias Learning

A tool from Harvard University, Project Implicit investigates thoughts and feelings that are largely outside of active awareness or control. Learn more about the research and yourself by taking the test.


Source: Ritu Bhasin

Source: Ritu Bhasin

Additional Learning Resources

Compass Group Canada BIPOC Initiatives

Ryerson University lecture by Grace-Edward Galabuzi.

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB)  has released this library of Antiracist Films.

Source: Indigo on Instagram

Source: Indigo on Instagram

Source: Indigo on Instagram


Through their site, DoSomething offers members volunteer opportunities and social change / civic action campaigns - having real world impacts on causes important to members.