ZIVA helps you learn to meditate. To practice the 3 M's: Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifesting. We've included a free "Stress-Less" Guided Meditation below. Want to check out more? Head over to ZIVA Meditation!

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While headspace was created with Michiganders in mind - this open access site has lots of great resources available to anyone who so wishes. The collection includes meditation, sleep and movement exercises. Thier goal: "to help you keep a strong and healthy mind in the midst of this global health crisis."

The Calm team focuses on mental fitness, relaxation and sleep. This app offers programs to support restful sleep, meditation and full relaxation. While Calm is a paid app, they have released this segment of resources to support the ongoing isolation felt due to COVID-19. This is a great tool to practice deep, calming breaths - supporting calm bodies and minds. 

Mindfulness resources